Claim Your CME and MOC Credits

To Earn CME Credits

You earn 1 CME credit for each 15 questions, rounded up, you answer in each practice exam. You must answer every question in a practice exam to get credit for that practice exam. You do not need to answer the questions correctly. When taking a CME exam, after you click the Grade button, if you answered every question, you will see a link to click to claim your CME credits.

To Earn MOC Credits

You earn 2 MOC credits for each MOC exam. You must answer 70% of the questions correctly to get credit for that MOC exam. When taking an MOC exam, after you click the Complete button, if you answered 70% the questions correctly, you will see a link to click to claim your MOC credits.

To Claim CME and MOC Credits When You Click the Link

  1. You must have an account on the George Washington University system to claim your credits. If you do not have an account see
  2. Complete the evaluation and credit hour attestation for each exam.
  3. Attest to the number of CME or MOC credits.

To Download Your CME and MOC Certificate After You Have Claimed All Your Credits

  1. Download your CME certificate here
  2. Download your MOC certificate here

To Check the Status of Your ABIM Submission

  1. Login to your account here.
  2. Select the Reported Credit tab.
  3. You will be notified by the ABIM when your CME and MOC points have been accepted.

For Questions and Technical Support About Your CME and MOC Credits

For assistance, contact the CEHP Office
Phone: 202-994-4066